Oaklands Hamlet
Commuter Bus Service

MyLocal Flyer is a dedicated commuter bus service between Oaklands Hamlet in Chigwell and Hainault underground station, which is due to be operational from April 2017.
The service will operate from 6am - 10am and 4.30pm to 7.30pm Monday to Friday.

As a welcome to Oaklands Hamlet, Countryside and L&Q are offering residents 3 months FREE travel on the MyLocal Flyer Service from the date they move into their new home.

Please contact Rebecca Godden at the details below, regarding claiming your travel voucher.

020 7874 1588


for residents

for 3 months








How often will the service operate?

The morning service will depart Oaklands Hamlet at 05.55 & 06.00, 06.25 & 06.30, 06.55 & 07.00, 07.25 & 07.30, 07.55 & 08.00, 08.25 & 08.30 and 08.55 & 09.00. The evening service will depart Hainault Station at 16.30, 17.00, 17.30, 18.00, 18.30, 19.00 & 19.30.

Where will I meet the bus?

There are two Bus Stops within the Oaklands Hamlet estate on Five Oaks Lane - see map for details . For Hainault Underground Station we will drop off at Bus Stop U and collect from Bus Stop T on New North Road.

Do I have to pre-book for the service?

No, you can however pre-book online, which will guarantee you a seat for your selected time.

What does the bus look like?

The vehicles used for the MyLocal Flyer service will be part of the Gatwick Flyer fleet. The vehicles will be white and be sign written either as Gatwick Flyer or Avon. There will also be a signage board at the front of the vehicles showing as MyLocal Flyer and Oaklands Hamlet.

When is the telephone manned?

Outside of office hours any calls will be met with a recorded message, stating 'Thank you for phoning Gatwick Flyer'. Within this message there is a prompt to press 3 to speak to the shift controller if you are travelling shortly and have an urgent question.